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Roberta Schiappadori Nov 27th, 2019

PayPal and Transcom awarded for Customer Experience… twice!

PayPal Customer Service has been awarded twice, first for the Italian market by KPMG and then again for the French market by BETC Digital

Transcom and PayPal have been working together since April 2008. During these 11 years, the partnership has grown stronger, providing smarter customer experiences to the final consumer through different services.

We answer to more than 5 million phone calls and 500.000 emails, chats, social media messages every year, providing any kind of information the final consumer needs.

Working with a fintech partner such as PayPal has allowed Transcom to take on innovative challenges and continue to deliver excellent, all-round service in a dynamic, ever-changing, industry, combining security with high quality standards.

On the Italian Market          

PayPal customer service has been rewarded as the second best in Italy by KPMG, an independent multinational professional services network.
The survey rewarded the Customer Experience delivered by Transcom, and was conducted on 4,997 consumers who expressed their preference choosing among 164 brands.

The survey considered the growing expectations of consumers: nowadays the companies must know their clients to define customized solutions, turning the knowledge into insights to be analyzed and acted upon.
PayPal and Transcom are using innovative technologies and tools to create memorable experiences, but the real engine of Customer Experience remains the human factor: trust and empathy are the key elements to leverage the transformation of the company from a customer centric point of view. The winning formula is who can create the smartest experience for their customers.

On the French Market

PayPal’s customer experience beat all other brands in France in a survey conducted by BETC Digital, a French advertising agency, with 19,000 respondents.

The most influential factor of the customer experience was that “the brand holds its commitments". It demonstrates that today, actions speak louder than words. People tend to judge a brand not on its promises, but on its ability to keep them and to generate trust. Again, the key success factor is the capability of the person who’s answering the consumers’ question to identify with them.
We can definitely say that PayPal and Transcom have built a great Customer Experience for the final consumers relying on the skills of the employees. It demonstrates that a common approach and a standard way of working can pay off. Delivering an exceptional customer service in different languages on different markets is an amazing proof that we reached another level of our partnership: we’re glad to collaborate together globally.