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Helene Ruda Jun 10th, 2019

Transcom awarded Best Cloud Implementation

In the grand finale of the annual Interactions EMEA conference, NICE announced the winners of the CX Excellence Award, five organizations that excelled in the delivery of service and leveraged innovation to ensure unparalleled customer experiences and drive positive business results. Transcom received the Best Cloud Implementation award for combining disparate systems and moving to NICE Nexidia Analytics in the cloud for a client in the Spanish market. The results showed a boost in average handling times (AHT), enhanced compliance, reduced infrastructure investments, and improvements in revenues.

NICE Best Cloud Implementation Award

Cheryll Aganda, Global Head of Customer Experience, who also participated as a speaker presenting the recently concluded speech analytics pilot in Spain and the experience of our Global English team in operationalizing the analytics technology, accepted the award.

“We are so honored to receive this recognition by NICE, an indisputable leader in their field. Being an organization that is customer obsessed, we know the importance of analytics and AI for the future of customer care. And the future is all about ensuring that our customers do not have divided experiences, but instead a holistic and enjoyable journey. With analytics put into action, this is achieved.”

Speech analytics and the insights generated play an important role in Transcom’s digitalization strategy. Transcom is emerging as a top partner in enhancing Customer Experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey and across all interaction channels such as voice, email, chatbots, chats, messaging and social media. We are helping clients grow their business and improve profitability by strengthening their product and service offerings, increasing their impact of marketing and sales efforts and efficiently deliver support where needed. All powered by big data driven insights and highly qualified CX and digital consultancy services.

Cheryll Aganda - NICE event 2019