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Helene Ruda Oct 25th, 2018

Transcom Poland awarded Call Center Ambassador by CC News

“The winner in this category showed that they can gain clients and at the same time educate the market. The number of publications, their high level of professionalism and promotion of work in the telemarketer profession should be a model for others”, said jury member Edyta Szydło , PR & Communication Manager at Tide Software, when presenting the award to Jolanta Budzińska-Korneluk, Client Service Manager at Transcom.

Call Center Ambassador

“We were very happy and proud to receive this award. It is a firm statement and evidence that all the extra effort we put in to promote the industry and raising awareness and pride in the telemarketer profession is worth wile. I would especially like to thank my colleagues Katarzyna Gliścińska, Tomasz Semeniuk, and Grzegorz Baran. In addition to their daily duties, they realize the importance and find time and commitment to promote our activities to the outside world”; says Jolanta Budzińska-Korneluk.

This is the second time Transcom is awarded by CC News, the first being two years ago when Beata Raczkowska received the Consultant (CSR) award.