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Gianluca Gemma Sep 13th, 2018

Robotic Process Automation: Introducing a digital workforce

News about intelligent technology, able to replicate, modify, or correct human activities are becoming increasingly common. But how can we incorporate new technologies in our daily work and generate significant advantages from day one without changing all of our business processes and/or systems? Transcom is already offering clients non-intrusive ways to turn automation into real business value.

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies can automate repetitive and standardized task, for example collecting information from a database and transfer it to a business system. By replicating the manual steps that an operator or customer service agent would have to go through, the process can be fully automated, leaving the agents to concentrate on other tasks with greater added value for both the customer and the company.

RPA is not just a substitute for human activity; it is a complementary solution to automate and accelerate basic processes, adding the advantages of a robot: 24/7 availability, seven days a week, with high and constant quality standards.

One of the most relevant scenarios where RPA can be used is for entering an order into a system, where the order information (ordering, product, quantity, recipient of the goods, price, payment method, etc.) is easily coded and inserted into standard management systems or CRM’s. Transcom's solution is able to retrieve the whole series of relevant data even from unstructured sources, such as fax, email and images, encode them and insert them into a standard format to manage the order. The robot itself will then automatically insert the order into the various computer systems in use. The order validation operation remains with the human operator, who confirms and approves the entire process for its final processing.

In addition, RPA can guarantee adequate scalability for peak periods volumes, and handle changes in the process, when the robot is properly configured. Scalability is one of the main benefits of Transcom's RPA solutions, as well as the technological flexibility that allows you to select the most appropriate technology among the main ones on the market (for example UiPath, Automate, Blueprism) based on the process and any other criteria.

Thanks to the experience of over 150 automated processes managed internally on a global scale Transcom is one of the more trusted partner where it comes to RPA: the best technological innovations combined with the deep knowledge of customers’ processes allows Transcom to identify the best areas that can benefit from robotic automation use.

In all projects where RPA was implemented, the client experienced both an improvement of the efficiency in the processes and a better quality of the data. These are two fundamental characteristics of Transcom’s RPA solutions. We handle each project with a customer-oriented approach, as a key partner to help clients in their digital transformation.