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Jakob Westgren Nov 23rd, 2018

RPA - Superpowering your contact center

You might have heard about how software robots can help to replace manual work. It operates under the notion that "Whatever is rule-based with digital input can be done by the robots". While back-office environments are the traditional areas to implement robotics, it can also be used in a front-office environment. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can support your contact center in various ways, some of the core parts where RPA can make a huge difference to your contact center are outlined below. Transcom has worked with automation technologies for many years and has substantial experience in their application e.g. RPA in contact centers.

Give your agents super powers

Executing a task on behalf of a customer, such as placing an order of a new mobile data package, can contain 100s of clicks and keystrokes in various systems. RPA helps you lower the amount of clicks and strokes, which results in a decreased Average Handling Time (AHT) while increasing the quality of process execution significantly. It is simply about letting the robot do the repetitive work across systems while the agent only assigns it the minimal instructions necessary to execute the task at hand.

Empower your existing channel(s) with a robot 

Taking your automation all the way to the customer through self-service is an efficient solution that deflects calls while improving user experience and quality. Your channel (be it IVR, Virtual agent, Web, Chat, Messaging,Social, E-mail   etc.) could easily feed your robot with tasks and data for execution. You would be surprised how quickly you can automate a process end to end even when combining old technology with new.

Reduced manual work

Working through your agent life-cycle, scheduling and reporting are often tedious and time-consuming tasks. RPA can help you reduce the effort spent on many of those tasks by enabling your organization to spend time generating real value in your contact center instead. Reducing the level of administration is obviously great for efficiency, but quality and compliance are equally important factors to consider when deploying RPA.

Enhance your insights with commercial data

Frustrated about the low insights your channel logs do for you? Adding data to your conversation logs related to e.g. sales from your CRM could be of great importance when evaluating your channel strategy. With RPA you can complete your logs with additional data points from other source systems and by that get substantially more value adding insights out of your operations. When doing so you can also tell your agents to skip adding those sales indicators in the logs, the robot will simply take care of it for you.

Thanks to the experience built by automating over 100 workflows on a global scale in contact center environments, Transcom has become one of the most trusted partners when it comes to RPA implementations in the contact center industry. Combining our expertise and deep knowledge in our clients’ processes with technical expertise spanning over several automation platforms ensures that we can pick the right technical solution for the right business opportunity.