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Alina Andriatyte Jun 13th, 2018

Transcom Lithuania receives EN 15838 certification

We are more than proud to announce that Transcom Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas sites) has achieved EN 15838 certificate which confirms our commitment to providing quality service to all our customers.

Transcom Lithuania EN 15838 certification

This European Standard specifies the requirements for customer contact centers and it aims to provide customer focused best practice designed to meet all customer expectations. It focuses on the performance quality at the point of contact between the customer and the customer contact center. This standard was published several years ago and is acknowledged  as a powerful tool that customer contact centers can use to  improve the quality of the services they offer. The EN 15838 standard assumes that success can be achieved by coordinating management techniques with processes to make the most of resources. It defines, among other things; the agent‘s abilities and skills, management standards, and standards at job sites. In addition, the standard also defines the key performance indicators (KPIs) for effectiveness and efficiency in contact centers. The benefits that EN 15838 certification already brought are improved business continuity, harmonized processes in both sites, and structured reviews of our procedures. We are sure we will see even more benefits in the near future. We sincerely thank all colleagues in Transcom Vilnius and Kaunas sites whose professionalism and dedication greatly contributed to achieve this important certification.

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