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Philip Sköld Jun 5th, 2018

Transcom's Conversational Analytics solutions

Outstanding customer service is synonymous with the ability to understand and interact with customers. Clever utilization of interaction data is therefore becoming more important than ever. As a result, conversational analytics has emerged as the leading solution for businesses to substantially strengthen their customer insights and discover new high impact initiatives for service improvements. Transcom’s conversational analytics offering aims to support customer service providers on their digital journey; securing quick benefit realization from new disruptive technologies. Working with Transcom will provide you with tangible outcomes: new depths of insights from comprehensive data mining and analytics, continuous monitoring of trends and development in your data, and fact based improvement initiatives aligned with your business objectives.Transcom offers end-to-end support in establishing your conversational analytics solution and we drive acceleration of outcomes in line with your business objectives. You will be given access to our strategic solutions advise, strong implementation support, hands-on operational knowledge and dedicated execution power. High impact use-cases will be identified with the purpose of improving the quality and effectiveness of your service operations, elevating your capabilities to deliver outstanding customer experience, increased customer loyalty, enhanced sales performance, and reduced customer churn. The wide application of conversational analytics provides a broad set of tangible benefits. Unlocking and acting upon the insights will typically bring benefits such as:

  • Improved NPS/CSAT from identifying and tracking correlations between satisfaction survey scores and metadata containing insights on customer reactions to the service provided. Also, predicting behavior and actions related to an incoming interaction to better prepare and drive preferable outcomes.
  • Improved AHT and FCR by analyzing interactions with high handle times and repeat calls. Further revealing aspects in the customer journey where fine tuning of processes, changing response patterns or applying automation can is represents clear benefits.
  • Increased sales hit-rates through providing sales teams with typical customer inquiries, triggers, reaction patterns or intents related to various products and services. Leveraging continuous capture and categorization of demand data combined with contextual data on customer needs.
  • Reduced complaints and dissatisfaction by identifying and eliminating terms and drivers related to customer pain points. Root causes can be captured much more effectively from applying meta-tagging of data and creating smart queries to capture issues.
  • Reduced number of calls from identifying and categorizing call types and reasons, using keyword combinations. A more nuanced understanding will enable development of proactive initiatives to reduce volumes.
  • Reduced churn by identifying risk-triggers and initiate proactive mitigation actions or ensure next contact is routed to agents specifically trained for saving potential churners.

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