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Helene Ruda Sep 27th, 2018

Welcome to the new Transcom!

Creating Smarter People Experiences

Today doesn’t mark a new era in Transcom’s history. What is new is that we now have a brand identity that truly and properly reflects us as a company. Because every day, we come to work passionate about creating smarter people experiences. 

In an industry that has focused on customer experience, we want to stick out our neck and say – it’s not about customers. It’s not about clients. It’s not even about employees. It is all about people, and how we can create smarter experiences for them.

We empower our passionate employees with intelligent technology to create an engaged, skilled, enthusiastic and capable workforce that can deliver excellent customer service. And we are never satisfied. We are constantly looking for new ideas, willing to apply proven technology and methodology in a new context to come up with new solutions. We challenge ourselves to be better, putting every activity through the test: Are we really creating smarter people experiences, or should we go back to the drawing table?

The launch of our new brand identity today is therefore both a promise and an obligation, that we will honor and deliver against. Because, we are Transcom. Passionate about creating smarter people experiences.

Do check out our new website.



Michael Weinreich

President & CEO