Insight generation from speech analytics

Our client is one of the largest Telco businesses in the UK. They needed to identify and act upon the reasons why they were not meeting expectations in quality of service, customer satisfaction, and issue resolution. There was a clear opportunity to design an effective plan of action that will address identified process improvement areas through the use of data and insight gathered from end-customers. An appropriate technology solution was also required in order to eliminate manual data processing, and cut across the limitations posed by traditional quality management.


Using historical quality analysis and insight, Transcom designed an effective query build following relevant keyword search methods which was then applied to a selected speech analytics (SA) platform. The effective combination of data, analysis, and technology resulted in the development of an improved and enhanced performance management framework. Transcom proposed the use of this framework to build a bespoke operating rhythm that allows for real-time and targeted coaching sessions, as well as a consistent and accurate source of data analytics, enabling continuous improvement efforts to be deployed.

  • Increase of 7% in First Call Resolution (FCR) results within a 3-week period
  • Increase of 5% in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) results based on survey results
  • £188,000 reduction of incorrectly issued customer credits
  • Achieved c. £1,000,000 monthly collection amount due to improved processes